Global Missions



Jesse + Sophie Bentley

International Campus Ministry


The Bentley's passion is campus ministry, and they have been working as international campus ministers in Spain since 2004.  Jesse and Sophie were blessed to be part of the original team that planted the ministry of En Vivo (Live!) in Salamanca.

They began a new ministry with their summer 2015 move to the city of Valencia.  As their team members continue in preparation for this new venture, Sophie and Jesse are looking for a good location for the campus house and connecting with students and faculty of the universities.  The goal is to build a community of love and acceptance.  Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and home to two large universities - the University of Valencia and the Polytechnic University of Valencia - with nearly 100,000 students.  Young people come from all over the country to study here, so it's an ideal site to launch Globalscope's ninth campus ministry.

As the case with most people in Spain, many college students identify themselves s Catholics or Christians, but it is estimated that less than five percent of Spanish people regularly attend church.  A university town is the perfect place to form a community of students who are trying to figure out their lives, careers and faith journeys so that we can point them toward Jesus.

Tentative ministry launch date for this new En Vivo! is fall 2016.


Jesse and Sophie met while in college at Georgia Tech.  Upon graduating, Jesse spent several years as an engineer, while Sophie was in intern at CCF, the Christian Campus Fellowship.  They spent two years preparing for the mission field while in seminary at Emmanuel Christian Seminary in Johnson City, TN, before heading to Spain.  They have three children: Juilette (2003), Liam (2006, and Alina 2008).